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We Have The Experience

Gazelle is retail-centric and In-tune with retail demands. Consider Gazelle a partner that is an extension of your IT Department. Gazelle’s senior staff is comprised of former IT Managers.

White Glove Service

We pride ourselves on delivering White Glove service. Our Project Managers will keep you informed, our IT support engineers will keep you operating, and our installers will keep your jobsite clean.

Accountable & Reliable

We take great pride in our work by working closely with our field technicians. Customers can speak to the tech BEFORE going on site; a project manager remains engaged during the dispatch.

Gazelle Intense Solutions provides businesses with cabling & fiber optics installations.

B2B, Commercial/Industrial Low Voltage Cabling & Fiber Optics Technicians services company serving businesses in the NJ/NYC Area.

Who We Are

Everyone has a guy, right? Have you heard this before? My email is slow, my printer never works, and my WiFi is mediocre at best. Do you know someone that can help me? Of course I do, I got a guy. The guy works out great, in the beginning. He’s attentive, he solves your problems, he replies back immediately when you text him at 11pm. Then, he disappears. Your email isn’t working again; he has all your account info, and when you call him, it goes straight to voicemail.

With Gazelle, you have a guy, which is really a group of talented individuals, that will always pick up the phone. And if we don’t, we will call you back within minutes. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and transparency. We would rather pickup the phone and tell you we can’t work on it now, but will get back to you in two hours, than ignore your calls and texts.

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We have grown with the luxury retail industry and are in tune with the trends, behavior, and adaptations.